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Advantages Of Hiring A Paralegal For Small Claims Cases

Small claims courts are an appropriate avenue to resolve minor disputes, hence why self-representation is allowed. However, though self-representation is viable, it is best to approach all legal matters seriously to receive retribution and compensation or avoid incurring penalties and fines. Getting legal advice or representation from a small claims court paralegal is one way of appropriately handling such cases. A paralegal is conversant with legal matters, licensed, and part of a professional body. The following are other benefits of hiring a paralegal: 

They are Affordable

Small claims courts deal with cases of low compensation value of up to $35,000 depending on an area's statutes. Hiring a lawyer to handle such a case would be expensive because their rates may override your claim. On the other hand, a small claims court paralegal will offer similar services at a considerably reduced rate. Thus, plaintiffs and defendants should hire paralegals to receive sound guidance on approaching their case while incurring low legal fees.

They Offer Sound Advice

If a person chooses self-representation in a small claims court, they will need to understand court processes and the suitable approaches in their defense. Hiring a small claims court paralegal ensures you receive advice on how and when to file your claim. The paralegal will also advise you on adequately wording your statement so that the judge and the defendant understand your grievance. Lastly, a small claims court paralegal ensures you present the correct documentation before the court since such factors influence the outcome.

They Assist in Evidence Gathering

It can be challenging for self-representing plaintiffs to collect adequate evidence to win their cases. On the other hand, a small claims court paralegal has the requisite legal training for effective evidence collection, documentation, and submission. For example, a lease agreement and photos of living conditions are viable in a dispute with a landlord. In contrast, conflicts with a contractor may require invoices, budget statements, and sub-contractor agreements. A small claims court paralegal will oversee evidence collection, ensuring you present irrefutable evidence to the presiding judge.

They Can Ease Your Mind During the Court Proceedings

Self-representation in court is often daunting for many people, especially those who fear public speaking. Thus, hiring a small claims court paralegal is best since awkward pauses, stammering, or general lack of composure can harm your defense. A paralegal from a place like Shaw Legal Service has the necessary training to undertake your protection competently. They will develop a strategy that suits the facts of your case, thus relieving you of the stress of defending yourself and allowing you to follow the proceedings.