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How To Prove That Your Assault Was Not Intentional

An assault charge can turn your life upside down in an instant. It can damage your reputation, which in turn could affect your career and social life. Some people undergo stress and depression as a result of assault charges. Luckily, many types of assault charges are beatable with effective defense strategies. In addition to that, such a case requires the intervention of a criminal defense lawyer. This article looks at some of the defenses your lawyer might bring out to clear your name. 

You Committed the Crime When Defending Yourself

The judge can drop your assault charges if you prove that you committed the crime while defending yourself. In this case, you can argue that the plaintiff wanted to hurt you when they attacked, forcing you to retaliate. Nevertheless, you must show that you avoided the confrontation, but there was no easy way to escape the situation. While self-defense is allowable, you must demonstrate that you only used reasonable force. Your lawyer can convince the court to drop your charges through these arguments. 

You Committed the Crime When Defending Others

When you witness assault against another person, you should inform the law enforcers to enable them to apprehend the criminal. However, the law gives you the right to use force when you notice that the individual's life is in danger. So if you hurt the offender in the process, your attorney will argue that you intended to save the victim's life. That means you took the law into your own hands to save them from potential harm. The judge can acquit you in this situation since you didn't intend to hurt the complainant. 

You Committed the Crime When Defending Your Property

Invasion of private property is a criminal offense. For that reason, you can call the police when someone unlawfully enters your residential or commercial property. Besides that, you have a right to apply reasonable force to prevent an individual from accessing your property. 

Therefore, you may get an acquittal in court if you unintentionally hurt the person while deterring them from entering your premises. However, you have to prove that there was no property dispute between you and the plaintiff. Moreover, you have to convince the court that the complainant had ill intentions against your possessions, forcing you to act against them. 

Assault is a serious criminal charge that can ruin your life if the court convicts you. Therefore, you must do everything possible to prove that your action wasn't intentional. A criminal defense attorney can help you clear your name using the defenses above and other pieces of evidence that will bring about freedom.

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