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3 Tips To Ace Your Marriage Visa Interview

Are you and your spouse pursuing a green card for one of you? Marriage is one of the most common ways for a person to establish permanent legal residence in the United States. Because of this, immigration officials are on the lookout for sham or fraudulent marriages that are being used simply for the purpose of obtaining a green card. Even though your marriage is authentic and based on genuine love, you still have to go through the immigration process. That includes an interview with an immigration official so that they can determine the authenticity of your marriage. This interview can be stressful for many couples, but it doesn't have to be. Below are a few tips to help you ace the interview.

Discuss your relationship with your spouse.

One of the best ways to prepare for the interview is through conversation with your spouse. Discuss how you met, what attracted you to each other and what you love most about each other. The immigration official will ask about the history of your relationship and will look for gaps in your answers. He or she will also ask about mundane living details, like what side of the bed each of you sleeps on, how you share closet space, and when you moved in with each other. They may ask if you've met each other's families and will test your knowledge of relatives. Talk through all these points with your spouse so your answers are consistent.

Bring proof of your relationship.

Your answers will play an important role in the interview, but so too will any documentation you can provide. Photos from throughout your relationship are helpful. So too are any documents showing that you have joined your lives together. For example, maybe you have a joint checking account, joint investments or even property that you own together. Keep in mind that the official will probably have researched your social media and public records before the interviews, so don't provide any documentation that is not accurate.

Be honest and professional.

First and foremost, do not lie in the interview. Immigration officials do their research in advance. They have interviewed hundreds of couples just like yourself, possibly more. They are on the lookout for dishonest answers. Also, dress and act professionally in the interview. It's okay to be happy about your marriage and to even share funny anecdotes. In fact, showing some personality and displaying your affection for each other can even be helpful. However, remember that this is a professional meeting, and be sure to treat the interviewing official with a basic amount of respect.

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