3 Tips To Ace Your Marriage Visa Interview

Are you and your spouse pursuing a green card for one of you? Marriage is one of the most common ways for a person to establish permanent legal residence in the United States. Because of this, immigration officials are on the lookout for sham or fraudulent marriages that are being used simply for the purpose of obtaining a green card. Even though your marriage is authentic and based on genuine love, you still have to go through the immigration process.

How To Prove That Your Assault Was Not Intentional

An assault charge can turn your life upside down in an instant. It can damage your reputation, which in turn could affect your career and social life. Some people undergo stress and depression as a result of assault charges. Luckily, many types of assault charges are beatable with effective defense strategies. In addition to that, such a case requires the intervention of a criminal defense lawyer. This article looks at some of the defenses your lawyer might bring out to clear your name.

Advantages Of Hiring A Paralegal For Small Claims Cases

Small claims courts are an appropriate avenue to resolve minor disputes, hence why self-representation is allowed. However, though self-representation is viable, it is best to approach all legal matters seriously to receive retribution and compensation or avoid incurring penalties and fines. Getting legal advice or representation from a small claims court paralegal is one way of appropriately handling such cases. A paralegal is conversant with legal matters, licensed, and part of a professional body.