How To Prove That Your Assault Was Not Intentional

An assault charge can turn your life upside down in an instant. It can damage your reputation, which in turn could affect your career and social life. Some people undergo stress and depression as a result of assault charges. Luckily, many types of assault charges are beatable with effective defense strategies. In addition to that, such a case requires the intervention of a criminal defense lawyer. This article looks at some of the defenses your lawyer might bring out to clear your name. [Read More]

Advantages Of Hiring A Paralegal For Small Claims Cases

Small claims courts are an appropriate avenue to resolve minor disputes, hence why self-representation is allowed. However, though self-representation is viable, it is best to approach all legal matters seriously to receive retribution and compensation or avoid incurring penalties and fines. Getting legal advice or representation from a small claims court paralegal is one way of appropriately handling such cases. A paralegal is conversant with legal matters, licensed, and part of a professional body. [Read More]

What You Should Know If You Are Charged With Domestic Assault

Domestic assault, also known as intimate partner violence, can be a devastating charge for the accused. While domestic assault does exist, it is also possible that the accused is innocent of any charges and has been falsely accused. If this is the case, it's important to hire a domestic assault attorney as soon as possible to help fight the charges and potentially even get them dropped. Here is what you should know if you are charged with domestic assault and why your lawyer is important to your case. [Read More]

The Three Different Grounds For Getting A Divorce

The divorce process starts with filing a petition with the court, and in this petition, you will need to state the reason that you are requesting a divorce. While there are many reasons that apply to couples, there are three main categories that your divorce could fall under that you need to be aware of. Separation A separation means that you and your partner have already been separated for quite some time. [Read More]