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Why You Might Need To Retain An Estate Litigation Law Firm

Losing a loved one is obviously emotionally trying, but your situation could be made even worse if you know there are likely going to be legal repercussions when it comes to your loved one's estate. If you are going to be in charge of seeing that your loved one's wishes are granted and that their final will is executed successfully, you might need to hire some outside help. Here's why you should contact an estate litigation law firm for assistance.

Be Prepared to Defend Your Loved One's Will

If your loved one had a final will or last testament, they likely had specific ideas in mind as to who should inherit specific elements of their estate. But while having a will on hand allows you to start from a strong legal position, it's still possible that someone could try to contest or challenge the terms of the will. If there is family strife or there are other outside entities that you think might try to cause a problem for you as you attempt to execute your loved one's final wishes, you need to get ahead of the game by hiring a law firm to help defend the will as soon as possible. When most people become an executor for a will, it's a new experience for them and you might not be familiar with all of the local laws in your state. An estate litigation law firm can help walk you through the process.

Be Prepared to Handle All Valid Claims on the Estate

While dealing with a lawsuit in probate court from a relative or friend is one thing, your loved one might also have some creditors who will try to seek the money your loved one owned from the estate after they passed. Again, the exact laws on this can vary by state, but in some cases, a creditor may be able to make a legal and valid claim stating that they are entitled to a certain amount of financial compensation from the estate. The law firm you hire can help you navigate this process, determining if a claim is legitimate and should be paid or if you should push back and retain the funds. 

Focus on Your Grief While Someone Else Handles the Details

If you agreed to help execute your loved one's will, you are hopefully mentally prepared for the process ahead. But you did just lose someone you cared about and it's understandable if you want to take some time to focus on your grief. Having to deal with claims on the estate or trouble with the probate process might not be something you really want to deal with right now. Hiring an estate litigation law firm will put someone else in charge of handling these affairs so you can focus on mourning. Then, when the moment is right, or it's time to move forward, your law firm will guide you through the steps you need to take